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Career Guidance & Mentoring

Confused about your career path? Can’t decide what option to choose? Not sure you're the right fit for the job?

There is infinite potential in each and every one waiting to be tapped. Whether you are looking at educational or career choices, or are looking for a mid-career change, we have the solutions to help you make the right choice. Keeping in mind that there is no single right career option for all, at 3C Advisory, we use the unique Biometric Potential Mapping tool and Aptitude Tests to discover the individuals innate potential and match that with career choices. We help you take up a career by conscious choice, not chance!

Remember, choosing a career that is ‘right’ for ‘you’ is going to determine the quality of your life. If you are truly satisfied with what you do everyday, success and happiness will be yours.

Biometric Potential Mapping

In today’s fast-paced, competitive, global environment, every organization and individual needs to perform at maximum potential. This entails having a thorough understanding of one’s innate talents, intelligences and abilities.

Welcome to Biometric Potential Mapping…you are now a step closer toward realizing your true potential and understanding yourself and your behavior at a deeper level.

Discover your innate intellect through our unique Biometric Potential Mapping. This is a study of the prints & ridges on your fingers to discover your personality type, learning style, intrinsic qualities and talents. These patterns are unique in every individual and never change during one’s lifetime. This evaluation helps you recognize and focus on your innate capabilities and accordingly pursue careers that you are best suited for. From a business perspective…the right fit for the right job. This evaluation can be used by professionals and students alike and has proven to be crucial when making decisions about career choices or shifts, business and inter-personal interactions, and helps enhance your professional and personal life.

Our trained professionals will capture fingerprints (the process would take 15 minutes) and the report would be generated in 3-4 working days. This is followed by a one-hour consultation and analysis of the report. Wherever required, our consultants will continue to mentor individuals in their journey towards a more fulfilling future!